In my last message on promotions through the Walnut Creek CDROM
I mentioned the conferences at which the Walnut Creek CDROM products,
the ASE Library CDROM, will be exhibited.

In addition, Walnut Creek CDROM product distributions take place through the
following retail outlets.  If you don't find the Ada and Software
Library CDROMs "on the shelves" you may order them through these outlets.

United States resellers include:

Chapters Bookstores
Comp USA
Computer Literacy Bookshops
Cyberian Outpost
Fry's Electronics
Future Shop
Hastings Books - Music - Video
IBM Home Computing Interactive
J&R Music Computer World
Micro Center
NFM Mega Mart
RCS Computer Experience
Software City Computer Centers

International Resellers include:

Bookplus - Helsinki, Finland
Compulink - Moscow, Russia
(DGC) NMS - United Kingdom
Infotheque - France
Italsel SRL - Bologna, Italy
IXSoft - Finowfurt, Germany
Lehmanns Online Bookshop - Germany
LinuxButiken - Sweden
Mensys - The Netherlands

eCommerce Retailers include:

eLinux -
Everything Linux - (Australia)
Programmer's Supershop -
TigerDirect -
Walnut Creek CDROM -

Richard Conn, Principal Investigator
Reuse Tapestry