David Botton wrote:
> I just went to your website again and the version
> there is still 7.1 and still advertises the
> restrictions in the readme. Where then is the new
> version?

The files names say it is version 7.1, but it is 7.2.  We are in the process of
changing webmasters and I only had the privilege to update the files, not the
web page.  Thus I named them the same thing so we could start distributing it
right away and not have to wait.  When you install it, the setup screen and the
entire product is 7.2.

> David Botton
> --- Ada Marketing <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > That would be me.  The latest ObjectAda for Windows,
> > version 7.2, Special
> > Edition was placed on out web site for download a
> > month or so back.
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