This discussion has centered around Windows GUI builders.  There has been enough
traffic discussing our ObjectAda for Windows GUI builder, that I don't feel the
need to promote it again.

For both Unix and Windows we also offer the TeleUSE Motif development
environment.  This is a full development environment that certainly contains a
GUI editor, GUI design editor, color, font, pixmap, etc. editors.  The output of
TeleUSE is the full an final application.  It is thus quite a bit more than just
a screen painter.

TeleUSE supports: C, C++, UIL, and Ada95.  A Motif development environment is of
course more useful on Unix, but we also have many customers that also use it on
Windows.  Primarily these are development groups that support Unix as their
primary delivery platform but also want to cheaply support Windows as well.

Just FYI.


Greg Gicca
Aonix Ada Marketing account
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