"Brakewood, Marcus x12479a2" wrote:
> Hello Team Members,
> I am a cadet at West Point leading the EE and CS cadets who are part of
> an interdisciplinary group from our school.  This group is competing in the
> 9th Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition,
> http://www.secs.oakland.edu/SECS_prof_orgs/PROF_AUVSI/index.html.
> Unlike the other schools, who use C++, we are going to use Ada because of
> Ada's great support for real-time systems and also, it is our favorite
> language.
> I have a few questions for Team-Ada to help us get started.
> 1: We were looking into using the LART http://www.lart.tudelft.nl/
> as our computer in our vehicle because of it's low power usage, low weight,
> and the coolness factor in putting it together.  Will GNAT work on the LART,
> which utilizes Intel's Strongarm processor?

How critical is the low power.  You might be able to use an off the
shelf PowerPC or x86 board.  At lower clock rates the power can be very
low.  If power is that important, might consider some power management
software that reduces the power by putting the processor to sleep when
it is not needed.  This can have a very significant effect on power
used.  Life will be a lot easier if you can use tools already in use.