There have been several questions on the Team-Ada maillist concerning
which membership categories get to vote for SIGAda Officers at our next
election. As some of these membership categories are relatively new, it
would be best if the answer came from ACM.

SIGAda Membership Categories from the ACM Home Page (accessed by "Join
SIGAda via the ACM e-store" on the SIGAda Home Page at are:

        Member: $25.00             (Member of ACM)
        Nonmember: $53.00          (non-member of ACM)
        Student Member: $10.00
        SIG - only Member: $25.00  (non-member of ACM)

We all know that an ACM Professional Member with membership in SIGAda
has the right to vote.

Which of these other categories have the right to vote and are sent
ballots for the SIGAda Election to be held in 2001:


        Student Member?

        SIG - only Member?

Also, is voting privilege affected by ACM membership types, such as ACM
Associate Membership? Please see the attached email for additional
background on this question.

Please reply your answer to all. Thank you in advance for your help.

Currie Colket
SIGAda Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences

Michael Feldman wrote:
> [Currie said]
> >
> > Dear David and Team Ada:
> >
> > This thread discussing SIGAda has been interesting and thought
> > provoking.
> [snip]
> This is a _great_ rundown on the structure and state of SIGAda.
> I agree that this needs to be distilled and published on the website.
> I have just one question:
> >
> > ACM conducts the elections. Only ACM Professional Members have the right
> > to vote (i.e., Associate members who join at a reduced fee, do not have
> > this right).
> The above is not clear. Historically, "Associate Member" has meant
> "a member of another technical society". For example, my ACM membership
> allows me to be a member of the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) (at a
> reduced, but still high, dues:-)). Personally, I am not a member of the
> full _IEEE_, so I have no member privileges (e.g. no vote) at that level.
> However, I _do_ have voting privileges for _IEEE-CS_ officers.
> AFAIK, IEEE does _not_ allow people who are not IEEE
> members, or Associates under this reciprocity, to join their
> societies like IEEE-CS. OTOH, ACM now allows people to _just_
> join a SIG.
> OK, now to the present case. Hypothesize that I am NOT an ACM member,
> and NOT an ACM Associate Member (by the above definition), but I _am_
> a dues-paying member of _SIGAda_. (This is allowed under current ACM
> rules!)
> Can I vote in the _SIGAda_ election? I hope so!
> Mike Feldman