> If there is an e-mail list that a message can be sent
> to the reaches exclusively the officers, it would be
> good to know?

See the website for a list of all 23 lists, with a 1-line
description of each. THe descriptions are clear, at least to me.
If any are unclear, please state which ones...

THe top-level website, again, is http://www.acm.org.
I am intentionally not giving out any deeper paths, in the hope
that people will visit the site and cruise around. The lists
are pointed to (errr, designated:-) by a very obvious pointer
(errr, access value:-)).
> What is the executive committee? Who is a member?

Elected officers.

> What is the extended executive committee? Who is a
> member?

Elected officers, WG chairs, assorted others. The 1-line
descriptions on the web really do say this...

The EEC meetings at the conference are open to anyone.

> etc. etc.
> So perhaps better descriptions of who is subscribed to
> what list of the e-mail lists that SigAda provides.

As far as I know, the REVIEW feature in listserv (which lets you see
the list of subscribers to a list) is open for these lists.

If you try it and find it closed, maybe we ought to change that;
OTOH, it's probably good spam-proofing to close it to all but
subscribers. Dunno.
> Since Team-Ada is not the forum of SigAda where
> officers are giving ear (ie. are all on the list) and
> interested people voice their ideas, then which list
> is it? If there is none, then it needs to exist.

Please see the website. This is a more polite form of "RTFM".:-)
(No, I'm not Robert Dewar; I don't even play him on television...:-))

Seriously, if something is _really_ missing, please point it out.
> David Botton
Mike Feldman