"Kester, Rush W." wrote:

> To reach the 7 elected SIGAda officers (only) use [log in to unmask]
> The officers are given at http://www.acm.org/sigada/exec/execcomm.html

I note that for at least two of us (Ben, me), old email addresses are
listed there.  The one for me ([log in to unmask]) still works, as far as I
know, in addition to [log in to unmask] (period added in my name to match
current conventions), but Ben's goes to his previous employer and
presumably is not forwarded to him.  [log in to unmask] works for him, always
being forwarded to where he works.

> Extended Executive Committee (ECC) includes the above officers, plus:
>  previous SIGAda officers
>  Ada Letters editors
>  Leaders of Ada organizations around the world
>  SIGAda local chapter chairs
>  SIGAda working group chairs
>  SIGAda meetings committee
> from http://www.acm.org/sigada/lists/acm_lists.html  This page
> also indicates how to get in tough with other Ada related groups
> that ACM hosts.

The SIGAda EEC is reached by addressing [log in to unmask] (as is noted in
the middle of the page Rush references).    -hh