Look, I'm having a hard enough time convincing my employer and his
customers that Ada is a going concern.  When Richard Conn, a supposed
Ada supporter, starts posting stuff like,

   The pulse looks pretty weak,

it makes me look pretty bad.  When he starts advocating VB, it makes
selling Ada just about impossible.

If he want's to advocate Visual Basic, that's fine, but I just wish he
wasn't known as a member of the Ada community and I wish he'd post to

I can successfully defend my choice of using Ada against people that
only know C++ or VB.  But to my boss, somebody from Ada community
saying that Ada is dead will kill my chance of continuing to use Ada
in the future.  If I have to go back to writing C++ that will truly
will piss me off.

Andrew Logue writes:
 > Jesus Craig, this is exactly the type of bullshit attitude that Rich. Conn.
 > is
 > fighting against.  Sure, stand back and sneer because Rich admitted that VB
 > code "fails from time to time".  You know what?  BFD!!!!!  There is
 > absolutely
 > no such thing as perfect software (and that includes Ada software). VB is a
 > perfectly acceptable language (I use that term loosely) for writing things
 > like internet chat rooms, simple database front-ends, etc.
 > Not everything is a life-and-death situation where 100% uptime and
 > ultra-high
 > reliability is required.
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