In response to Mike Feldman's suggestion ...

> I think it would be a useful contribution for people on this list
>  to visit their local bookstores (the ones with big technical sections,
>  anyway), and report back on the Ada "presence" there.

I checked the MicroCenter in Cambridge, Mass (near MIT, Harvard,
Boston University and numerous high-tech companies) today.

The Good News:  They have a pretty decent collection of Ada books -
one shelf-full about four feet long.  (About the same as a year or
two ago - the last time I checked there.)

The Bad News:  That collection has been moved away from the
"Languages" section  (where it used to be, right up front due to
the alphabetical order formerly used) and is now on a bottom shelf,
near other non-related topics.  (I couldn't find it without asking
where the Ada books were - Bummer!)

Bard Crawford