Sounds good ... looks like they are worth attending.

Richard Conn, Principal Investigator
Reuse Tapestry

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Tutorial 1
Developing COM, DCOM & COM+ enabled applications for Ada 95
-- Covers using and create COM objects with Ada 95 using GNATCOM

Tutorial 2
New directions in Windows GUI programming
-- Covers binding to the DHTML model of IE, XML and XSL programming on Win32
for GUIs, using ActiveX GUI controls with Ada95, and a little on my recent
work on a Win32 GUI framework called GWindows

On the lines of maximizing the power of Ada 95 on Windows through reusable
COM/DCOM and ActiveX components and other Win32 technologies.

David Botton

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> Would you care to let the list know what you plan to say in your talk?
> Perhaps you would reach a wider audience.