[said Jacob]
> I don't know when use of AdaCGI qualifies as "public", but
> in SSLUG[1], we use AdaCGI for our open dictionary review
> system[2].
> AdaCGI is also used for the voting system running at
> http://www.ldraw.org/motm/.
> Jacob
> 1) Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group - probably the largest
>    Linux user group in the world:       http://www.sslug.dk/
> 2) Den store danske ordliste - a dictionary of the Danish
>    language:                http://www.sslug.dk/locale/dsdo/

This is very good news. A while back, I think, I posted a note here,
asking whether anyone knew of applications of AdaCGI; I got a note
back from David Wheeler (author of AdaCGI) that he didn't know of any.
Also, I found a link to AdaCGI on AdaPower, but (at least a couple
of months ago wehen I last checked), no links to applications.

So I guess "public" means "announced somewhere", so others don't think
they're the only ones.

Is the source for the two apps you refer to available somewhere?
This would be a good section to add to AdaPower, and I will certainly
add a section to the software part of the education site, if indeed
the sources are there.

Mike Feldman