This is great news.  It is exactly what I have been
nagging about for a long time.  It is exactly the kind
of thing we need to see in publications read by

Congratulations are in order for for Green Hills, and
Mr. Rodenbeck.  It would have been nice if the Green
Hills PR people had gotten word out to the Ada community
so we would have had an earlier notification.  So far,
we rely on accidental sightings by those such as Mr. Roby
who read some of the many magazines that flow in and out
of our in-and-out boxes.


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On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Clyde Roby wrote:

> "Ada 95 Accelerates Time to Market" is one of the three software
> articles in the July/August 2000 issue of COTS magazine.  It is
> written by Patrick Rodenbeck, Director, Ada Business Development,
> Green Hills Software.