>I've started using Tartan Ada, with a 1750 target, hosted on Solaris.

Oh dear - never mind :-)

>I use gnu emacs as my IDE.

>The format of the error messages from the compiler is not very nice;
>the standard emacs compilation parser can't handle it.

>Has anyone written a compilation error parser for the Tartan output?

Yes they have! If you can get hold of a very old version of ada-mode, possibly
2.23 or maybe even earlier, it came with a few .el files that had such stuff in
it. One was tartan.el. There was also one for verdix I think.

I may have a copy somewhere, but I suspect if you can get in touch with Rolf
Ebert, he would be the best bet.

>Or, does anyone know a good place to look for such a beast? I've sent
>email to DDCI customer support (yesterday); haven't heard back yet.

Hope this helps.