> Colin Brown wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am in my second semester of my first year in Comp Sci. and
> I am looking for a great book and sorting and searching algorithms in
> Ada95
> more on sorting then anything. i have portfolio assignment on the
> analysis of these and others.
> i have found a lot of books in C/C++ in regards to this subject
> but not many on  Ada95.

If you have the algorithms in C, C++, Pascal, or Modula, you
should be able to convert them pretty straightforwardly into
Ada 95.  Alternatively, get Knuth's books, where he uses
his own (somewhat low-level) language.

If you understand the algorithm, then you should be able
to code it in Ada.

You might also look for a Data Structures and Algorithms
book on Ada 95, such as one by Michael Feldman.

> regards
> Col

-Tucker Taft  [log in to unmask]