[said Wes]

> > Ada being the topic of the Feature article in Embedded Systems Programming.
> > Either Sept or Oct issue.
> About time. Some issues of that mag seem to bend over backwards to pretend
> that Ada doesn't exist.
Well, as Richard Riehle has often said, a trade mag editor must have a
few criteria for publication. One of them is that he cannot publish
articles that don't exist. It's possible, I suppose, that they are
trying to avoid Ada, but I rather think they just don't get any
Ada submissions. They also don't get many Ada _ads_, and of course
it's ad revenue that pays the bills for trade mags.

Is there anyone out in Team-Ada land there who's submitted an Ada article
to ESP and had it rejected? For that matter, has anyone submitted
_any_ Ada articles to trade mags and had them rejected?

They cannot publish what we do not write.

Mike Feldman