Is there someplace we can collect Ada productivity data (or
URL's to same).  Perhaps on the Ada Information Clearinghouse?

Can either of you make the empirical data available, or
provide pointers to where it's available, to back up
your statements?

I happen to agree with your statements that Ada productivity is
equal or better than C++ (after a learning curve) and Ada
maintenance MUCH easier.  But such statements can easily be
dismissed as unsubstantiated.

The only hard data that's generally available, that I'm aware
of, comes from NASA Goddard's Software Engineering Lab.  And
this only after about 3 Ada projects (the learning curve) and
with substantial reuse.

The next obstacle to be addressed is: If companies can find 10
experienced C/C++ programmers and only 0 or 1 experienced
Ada programmer, such productivity numbers are mute.

Rush Kester
Software Systems Engineer

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> Thank you, Pat.  You beat me to the punch.
> At 07:28 AM 10/2/00 -0500, Pat Rogers wrote:
> >No, no, no!  This idea that it generally/usually/always
> >takes longer to develop the initial product in Ada --
> >i.e. that productivity is lower in Ada -- must not
> >continue to be promulgated!   Experienced Ada people
> >can blow away the competition in productivity.
> Fact is, if we assume the code is implemented to meet
> some reasonable degree of quality, in either language,
> it is fairly easy to show doing it in Ada can take as
> little as one tenth the time it would take to do the
> same quality implementation in C++.  And I believe one
> third the time is by far the worst likely case.
> Moreover, the ongoing maintenance of the C++ code will
> be considerably more labor intensify than maintenance
> of the Ada code.  I'm not sure 20 to 1 is the right
> figure, but it is believable.
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