>> First, C++ is a "better" C -- I think that "cout << Variable;" is a lot more
>> intuitive that "printf ( .... )" (or whatever

>Well, I suppose one can get used to anything, but an operator that shifts
>bits in one context, and has a printing side-effect in another is not very
>intuitive to me.

I think that's a fair point. The other thing is, if you compare printing in many
languages, you get e.g:

writeln ("string);                - Pascal
ada.text_io.put_line ("string");  - Ada
printf ("string");                - C
(message "string")                - Emacs Lisp
print "string"                    - Basic
System.out.println ("string");    - Java

Each of them effectively provides an operation whose parameters are the
information to be printed. The use of streams in C++ for output to the display

cout << "string";

to anyone who has used another common programming language, is just not very