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  Implemented the remaining Bounded and Dynamic forms (Collections,
  Deques, Ordered Collections, Ordered Queues, Queues and Rings).

  Added a Null_Container operation, so users can initialize structures
  containing Containers.

  Began an alternative approach to the provision of Guarded and
  Synchronized forms. You can see this in BC.Containers.Guarded,
  BC.Containers.Maps.Synchronized and Map_Test_Concurrent.
  Unfortunately this approach triggers problems in GNAT 3.12p,
  ObjectAda 7.2 and Apex 3.0.2b (GNAT 3.13p is OK).

  Fixed an error in passive modifying iteration, where the first
  element was visited repeatedly. This has changed
  BC.Containers.Access_Current_Item's profile.