>It takes less time in Ada to make a *working* product. One that pretty
>much does just about all of what it's supposed to. But one that
>sorta kinda appears to work if you don't look closely - good enough for
>release to a non-discerning public used to Microsoft's lack of quality -
>that can be done quicker in C, C++ etc.

  I've certainly not noticed that in my own work.  I can throw together a
demo or little throw-away app at least as fast, and usually faster, in
Ada.  There are more powerful language constructs that simply do more,
more correctly, in a single statement.  Of course it helps to use my
personal toolkit of handy Ada code, just as an experienced C* person would
use his.  My fingers can also type "if x then" faster than "if(x)"
or other things from the top row of the keyboard.