Chad Bremmon wrote:


Chad, may I compliment you on a well-written article.  I might have made
one additional
point about switch/case.   I have found that the Ada REQUIREMENT that
all values of
the case be present is important to maintenance.  If I have two
programs, one in C/C++
that uses enumerations, and one in Ada that also uses the enumerations,
when I add a
value to the set of enumerations

   ALL MY Ada CODE BREAKS, it fails to compile;  which is *exactly* what
I want.

   MY C CODE APPEARS TO BE OK; it compiles, it is just full of places
where there is
no action for an enumeration.  It is broken, and it may take a LONG-TIME
to find and fix
all of those places.  Why, many of them might not get found till the
code is in the field.

   Score another point for the ease of Ada reliabliity.

Cheers, ..Paul S.