Dear Team Ada:

As you know, we will be having the SIGAda 2000 Conference from 12-16
November 2000 at Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory. We
really do have an excellent program representing excellent opportunities
for folks to enhance their professional goals. Since you are members of
Team-Ada, I know you already realize this. 

What I hope you can do is to contact your friends and let them know
about the conference. Many of your friends have already received a
conference Advance Program and simply need a little nudge to actually
sign up for the conference. You need to emphasize the value of attending
the conference for not only the conference, tutorials, and workshops,
but also the opportunity to network and interface with Ada and software
engineering professionals. We do have a powerful lineup, which should be
of benefit to a large number of those developing software. The SIGAda
Conference actually brings together people addressing real issues for
developing real-time distributed software that has significant
reliability and high-integrity requirements. This is one of the very few
conferences where you can find this expertise.

This is a great time to contact all your friends and let them know about
the conference. Tell them about the Advance Program (AP) they can get

David Harrison has nicely updated the AP to reflect the current
information. Also tell them about the about the conference web site at:

which contains abstracts for all the papers (at least the ones we have)
and all the information one needs to plan to come to the conference.

We really do have an excellent program which represents excellent
opportunities for folks to enhance their professional goals. You need to
emphasize this.

Send emails out to your friends and colleagues. A copy of an electronic
blurb is attached for your convenience.

If you need any additional hard copies of the Advance Program, please me
know. I will send them to you for arrival early next week. Send requests
by email to me at <[log in to unmask]>.

This is a good time to send stuff to folks in an organization. It is
still early enough to get folks to come to the conference, specially if
they have already seen advertisements and need that little nudge to sign
up. Your interface with them could be the one that entices them to make
that commitment. Please try to do it this week. 

If you know of any address to which you would like me to send a personal
letter and some APs, please let me know (and please provide the
address).  I will send a personal letter with APs to any stateside
address you can provide me by this Tuesday. Please send the request to
me at [log in to unmask] with a copy to [log in to unmask]

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Currie Colket
SIGAda 2000 Conference Chair

P.S. If you haven't registered already, its time to do so. Please go to:

SIGAda 2000 Electronic Announcement:

                         ACM SIGAda 2000
                  Annual International Conference
                  on the Ada Programming Language

       Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
            Laurel, Maryland, November 12-16, 2000


          Tutorials Nov. 12-13, Conference Nov. 14-16
           Exhibits Nov. 14-15, Workshops Throughout

Learn from the world's top Ada technologists why Ada is the language
of choice worldwide for the most important safety-critical and
high-reliability systems.

The SIGAda 2000 Conference will be a special technology update
on Ada and the related technologies enabling Ada to be successful
where reliable software matters. Ada has been a key development
language in real-time and distributed systems for defense, space,
aeronautics, ground transportation, air transportation, industrial
process control, sensor processing, communications, and scientific
research. A new wave of exciting and promising Ada developments
has appeared in the last few years. The purpose of this conference
is to cover and explain such developments.

The conference will feature a series of invited presentations by
leading subject matter experts, in-depth tutorials covering a variety
of topics of interest to all software engineering practitioners,
an exhibition featuring the leading Ada vendors, and several focused

Tutorials cover a broad range of topics of interest to all software
engineering practitioners, including
* An Introduction to Ada 95
* Software Architecture
* High Integrity Programming
* Real-Time Programming
* Design Patterns
* Java
* Software Development Tools
* Process Improvement
* Cleanroom Software Engineering
* Windows Programming

The invited speakers are experts in the field, addressing many of 
the current software engineering issues such as:  

                Michael Feldman (George Washington University)
                Alan Burns (University of York, UK)
                Lars Asplund (Uppsala University, Sweden)
                Brad Balfour (Objective Interface Systems)
                David Botton (AdaPower)
                Dan Cooper (Boeing)
                John Barnes, (John Barnes Informatics, UK)
                George Romanski (Verocel)
                Brian Dobbing (Aonix, UK)
        JAVA & Ada
                Franco Gasperoni (ACT Europe, France)
                David Hardin (aJile Systems)
                S. Tucker Taft (Averstar)
                Arnaud Charlet (ACT Europe, France)
                Robert B. K. Dewar (Ada Core Technologies)
                E. Douglas Jensen (MITRE)
                Joyce Tokar (DDC-I)
                Juan de la Puente (Universidad Politécnica 
                  de Madrid, Spain)
                Ted Baker (Florida State University)
                Richard Conn (Lockheed-Martin)
                David Emery (MITRE)
                Kelly L. Spicer (Raytheon Missile Systems)
                David A. Cook (STSC Draper Labs)
                James W. Moore (MITRE)  
                Thierry Lelegard (Canal+, TV/Media, France)
                Rod Chapman (Praxis Critical Systems, UK)
                Judith Klein (Lockheed-Martin, Air Traffic Control)
                Jon Dehn (Lockheed-Martin, Air Traffic Control)
                Mike Kamrad (TopLayer Networks)
                Steve Hovater (Rational)
                Wiljan Derks (Philipps, Netherlands)

Workshops include:
* Cost-Effective Approaches to Satisfy Safety-Critical Regulatory
* Should Software Engineers be Licensed Engineers?
* Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)
* Software for Ham Radio Operators

Whether you are from industry, government, or academia, if you are
interested in where Ada is today and where it is going, this is a
conference that you need to attend.

For the full technical program, tutorial & workshop descriptions,
as well as conference and hotel registration information, please
visit the conference website at:

A synopsis of the Advance Program is located at:

Sponsored by ACM's special interest group on the Ada Programming
Language (SIGAda), in cooperation with Ada-Europe and ACM SIGAPP,

Hosted by Baltimore SIGAda and DC SIGAda

Conference Chair  Currie Colket (MITRE), [log in to unmask]