The Swinburne Computer-Human Interaction Laboratory (SCHIL) in Melbourne,
Australia, invites applications from students interested in PhD studies in
the following areas of HCI and cognitive engineering:

o  Visual and auditory display design (esp sonification) for complex
interactive systems
o  Theories and models for determining information and crew coordination
needs in complex sociotechnical systems
o  Process models for incorporating user concerns into software engineering
o  Notations for Engineering for HCI
o  Cognitive neuropsychological approaches to human-system interaction
o  Theoretical and methodological issues in empirical usability testing

Students with a background in computer science, information technology,
control engineering, behavioral sciences, human factors, systems sciences
or social sciences are encouraged to apply. Domains of application include
air defence, healthcare and critical care systems, power systems, command
and control, and internet applications.


For a few exceptionally well-qualified PhD applicants with Australian
citizenship or permanent residence, Swinburne University makes available
the Chancellor's Research Scholarships in key areas, including HCI and
cognitive engineering. Chancellor's Research Scholarships provide the
following conditions:

o  Stipend of $25,000 pa tax free;
o  Establishment grant of $3,000;
o  Up to $5,000 to support 6 months research undertaken in a leading
international research laboratory (for example, arrangements currently
exist with [but are not limited to] University of Illinois, USA; University
of Toronto, Canada; Technion--Israel Institute of Technology, Israel).
o  Duration of 3 years extendable to a maximum of 3.5 years on the
recommendation of the coordinating supervisor;
o  Thesis production allowance of $830;
o  Relocation expenses up to $465.

For further details see:


Stipend for the Australian Postgraduate Award and International
Postgraduate Research Scholarship is normally AUD$20,000 pa tax free.
Australian citizens and permanent residents should apply for the Australian
Postgraduate Award (APA). International students should apply for the
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS). For Australian
applicants we require either Hons 1 or 2A degree or a research masters
degree for admission to PhD studies. For international students we require
equivalent standing.


Deadline for applications is October 31 2000. Applications should be made
in two parts:

1.  Application to School of Information Technology (where SCHIL is housed)
for PhD studies. First contact a SCHIL academic staff member to discuss
your application and to identify a general area of research. See the
following URL to download application forms "Application for Admission to

2. Application to Swinburne University's higher degrees committee for
scholarship support. See the following URL to download guidelines and
application forms:

More information about SCHIL's activities, research and usability
laboratory facilities, and academic staff members' research can be found at:

Best wishes,

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