>Now I do have a question.  In my last post, I was given the solution to
>project an Ada.Real_Time.Time_Span typed variable using
>Ada.Real_Time.To_Duration method of the Real_Time Package.

>I was wondering, is there such a trick, that would allow me to show a
>variable of type Ada.Real_Time.Time ?  I know I cannot do it directly by insert
>my time into a Ada.Text_Io.Put() command.

To be honest, the best answer to this is "RTFM"...

>But if I did want to print the time, is there some ways to do so ?

... in particular, look at the manual section on the package Ada.Real_Time (RM
D.8). You will see there the definition of the function To_Duration with an
input parameter of type Time_Span. The operation you are probably interested in
now is Ada.Real_Time.Split.

I hope this helps.