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> > The speed of midi hardware is 31.25 (+/- 1%) Kbaud, asynchronous, with a
> > start bit, 8 data bits (D0 to D7), and a stop bit. This makes a total of 10
> > bits for a period of 320 microseconds per serial byte.
>   Can you send a continuous stream of output (mulls if there is no
>actual data) and thus have the serial port control timing (+/- 1%)?  Or
>do things happen at times that are not multiples of 320 mics?

Things can happen at any possible time, given a certain combonation to
tempo and ppq.
You can't send continuously on the midi stream because:
a: that's considered bad form to send lots of inconsequential messges
b: some devices will 'choke' upon recieveing too many messages, especially
messages that are pointless.