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> >The Rational Apex browser will "jump" to the definition of an item with a
> >single click (same window or bring up another window), regardless of whether
> >name is qualified or not.  Numerous Rational Apex users get "hooked" on the
> >browser for this feature alone.
> How much does it cost?

Quite a lot. And you can't get it on Linux.

> Clearly Apex (and other compilers) rely on a 'project' based
> approach with sources being 'registered' to provide this
> functionality. Although GNAT has started using project files which
> presumably allow this, it is still possible to use GNAT without this
> project facility and, in these case, searching through the source
> (with Emacs extensions :-) is the way to do it.

Once the code has compiled (and there's a similar restriction with
Apex). you can skip straight to the definition with ada-mode (C-c

As far as this is concerned, the GNAT project files control switches,
name of executable etc, but really as far as this problem is concerned
it's just the path that counts; no need to register sources. Or
ability, for that matter :-)