I assume you're on a Windows platform.  Depending on
who's compiler you're using, some supply packages for
doing that.

I use our POSIX binding to do the equivalent operations.
Pascal Obry published a free binding.  I don't remember
his page, but there is a link to it from AdaPower at
http://adapower.com then click the "Source Code" button,
then click the "Reuse" button at the top of the window.
Then go down to the "Links/Bindings" category, and follow
the "Posix for Win32" link.

Another option would be to use the Windows API, WinExec,
to execute the dos commands.  A DIR command, for example,
could be put into the LPCSTR string as "dir c:\ > dir.dat"
and passed to WinExec.  Your program could then read the
results from the dir.dat file.


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Does anyone know if it is possible to call dos commands (i.e. dir, copy,
mkdir, etc) from within
a Ada program?

Steven Doran
Litton Guidance & Control
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