>Hey, Mike's previous repeated, documented citation about Ada being used to
>upgrade the NYC subway system ought to carry more weight.  (Go to his
>SIGAda Education WG webpage for links.)  And that it's based on very
>effective and cost-effective "reuse" from Paris, Cairo, etc. subway systems
>in Ada.  Those applications are much more in a domain with requirements for
>which we should be extolling Ada, and ought to impress your boss much more
>than a neon sign.   -hh

I still don't agree with this attitude. I don't think we should be so blinkered
about Ada's capabilities. Sure it is the perfect language for safety critical
work, but this is already well known. Of course we need to try to maintain that
market, but we need to expand and pointing out places where Ada is used in a
'trivial' way is always going to help.