> Has ANYONE seen or heard from Magnus within the last year or so?

Interesting reading about MK at
   http://www.ksce.com/bio/mk.html   &

Both contain e-mail links, but both are dated 1996.

He used to maintain an Ada FAQ, but apparently stopped in 1997.

http://www.ksce.com  appears (see the bottom) to have been updated this
year, but it has no links to anything but AdaHome.

Someone using the name Magnus Kempe posted a message in Swedish? Finnish?
to a discussion group recently.  See the eighth (approx.) message at:

In a thorough Web search, I could find no evidence that he has done anything
since 1997 except update copyright notices on a few web pages and post that
one message listed above.

I did locate another email address, don't know how old: [log in to unmask]

Wes Groleau