Hello everyone,

I am currently seeking information about developing windows applications
in ADA.  I know that some bindings exist currently such as Windex, gtkAda and
the likes. However, if possible, I would rather call API functions directly
rather than using these libraries.

Could anyone point me to some good reference on the subject?  I know about
API calls and such things, I would like a good reference on using these API
calls from ADA.  Maybe some sample applications would be good reference as
well.  Adn finally, I would like to add other windows DLLs.

I'm also familiar with the ADA  Pragma Linker options such has -lwindows,
-lgdi32, -luser32, I assume -lkernel or -lkernel32  If I add these pragmas I
assume it would make the functions in these DLLs available to the
application.  What I need to know is the finishing move, hence calling an actual API
function in Ada.

Thank you again for your help in this.

Stephane Richard
Software Developer

Stephane Richard
Software Developer
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