Hi Stephen, here's my reply, I had to send it through TEAM ADA since it
seems I can't directly reply to your email address, I tried 2 times and on both
occasions it returned to me saying I couldnt transfer to that email.

>You are?  it is indeed an honor sir.

>And yes indeed I will require more functionality not just for sounds, but
>for MIDI and MIDI port access/sending/receiving. Probably MIDI mapper
>through the sound card features as well.

>I'm assuming basically I'd need to extend to all winmm.dll available
>functionalities for today and for future projects.  Any reference and/or
>guidelines you can give me would be indeed welcomed.

>Thank you and take care
>Stephane Richard
>Software Developer

Is there another perhaps I could use?

Thank you again
Stephane Richard

Stephane Richard
Software Developer
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