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> Greg
> >Apex does not use a project mechanism.  If the compiler sees a
> >with clause, it knows what the file name must be, and then searches
> >the imported subsystems/views for it.  There is no need to register
> >files, or have project mechanims etc.  So long as the source code
> >files are named correctly and are located in a subsystem/view the
> >compiler will find them.  This is why Apex can perform it's automated
> >builds.
> So what is the difference between "registering files" and "importing
> subsystems/views" from an Ada source code perspective? Very little it would
> seems. I haven't used Apex, but how does it handle multi-compilation unit files?
> Does it have the same restrictions as GNAT (i.e. one compilation unit per file)?
> If this is true, then I would guess that the Apex mechanism is not that
> different to the ada-mode mechanisms for Projects using Emacs and GNAT.

Or ObjectAda.  The register in Project is the pressing of a single push button.


Greg Gicca
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