Chris et al,

Ada is not mentioned. But the huge Jumbotron animated sign there
is powered by Ada. My source is authoritative; unfortunately I
can't say more than that. Like Woodward and Bernstein, if I
disclose Deep Throat's name, I'll never get another tip from

I did run into a technical web page somewhere, describing the hardware,
but I lost the reference. I'll try to find it again. It does not mention
Ada either.

We all know the frustration of knowing about really cool Ada projects
whose details can't be put out in public. In putting together my
project summary website, I've found that often the defense projects
are more open than the non-defense ones; even defense projects whose
details are secret will at least admit they exist.

Sigh... we take whatever info we can get...

> I don't get it.  Where is Ada referenced?
> Chris Sparks
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> > Hi all,
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> > A google search turned this up:
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> > Way cool! Powered by Ada!
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> > Mike
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