Carlisle Martin C Dr USAFA/DFCS <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> "with type", to my knowledge was created for the GNAT for JVM compiler,
> JGNAT, and is documented there.

Ah yes. I thought I had read about it in a GNAT info file, and was
puzzled when I couldn't find it in the 3.13a docs. But it is
implemented in 3.13a for non-JVM targets (I guess because they share a
front end), so there is a documentation bug.

> Another example of a GNAT extension is 'Unrestricted_Access, so you
> can get an access to a nested procedure.

Yes, and this is clearly defined in the "implementation defined
attributes" section of the GNAT reference manual. Since Ada defines
the notion of implementation defined attributes, I don't think this
extends the language syntax. But I would agree it extends the language

-- Stephe