Somebody in September indicated on this forum the MSO World Programming

The URL is
This is a contest that happens almost every month.

I participated in October, with a program written in Ada, of course.
I was lucky enough that the contest was more challenging than before
with regard to
the algorithm. I sent my entry after almost 12 hours.
Previously, the best entry is received in less than 5 hours.
This time, I was surprised to learn that I sent the first entry.

I was even more surprised today when I learned that I won the contest.
I understand that there is a prize of  US $500 attached to it.

I want to encourage my fellow Ada developers to participate to this contest.
The next one is this next Sunday 17 December 2000.

I understand that it will also be a contest where the algorithm will be
more important than
the speed of programming.

I know you can do it, and Ada can do it, because I did it myself with Ada!

--  Vincent Celier