> Hi Vincent, may be I'm missing something obvious, but I'm unable to
> locate the web page for the october contest, information on the URL
> you gave <http://www.msoworld.com/programming.html> gives no
> information about the contest you won (the last winner mentioned is
> august).
> --
> Laurent Guerby <[log in to unmask]>


On the  web page, you see currently the problem to be solved at the
October contest.

To judge contests takes a long time (more than a month).
MSO World is mostly ran by volunteers.

The fact that I won the October
contest will be announce next week, after the December contest starts at
5PM in Great Britain,
next Sunday, 17 December 2000.

By the way, as I won the contest, they are going to send me a cash prize
of US $500.
I am sure other Ada developpers could be interested in such a prize.
For me, I cannot win again for 6 month, but I am still going to compete
next Sunday.

-- Vincent