This is my thanks and congratulations to those who put
on SIGAda 2000.  From my perspective as both attendee
and tutorial presenter, the facilities and program were
excellent.  I also liked the fact that the vendor
presentations were not overlapped with other sessions.

Putting the tutorials and proceedings on CD is excellent.
Here's my positive vote that we do the same next year.
Given how many laptops I saw at the conference, you may
even be able to get away with fewer hardcopies of tutorial

Here's a suggestion for a tutorial next year that I would
attend:  How to improve Ada 83 real-time programs by
applying Ada 95 Real-Time Annex capabilities.

Terry J. Westley, Software Development Manager
Veridian Engineering, Information Warfare
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Author of TASH, an Ada binding to Tcl/Tk.
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