you get this message from ScanMail or Norton Anti-Virus when they are 
running on a mailhub or smtp server. It is the administrator of these 
virus-scanning programs who select the option to send a message back to 
the originator that a virus has been detected in a mail from him/her. The 
intended recipient will get a mail message with a link to a database where 
info regarding the intercepted mail is held. In this case the originator 
was Team-Ada and thus all members has got this message. To avoid 
distributing viruses many list servers purge attachments from the mails 
before sending them to their members.

I have Norton Anti-virus om my home PC but it is not an integral part of 
my mail program (Lotus Notes), so it will only warn me when I actually 
have tried to open the attachment.

regards  /søren