This release has been uploaded to

(which at present the same place as the old URL

The change that will make most difference to users is a Great Renaming;

  For Containers with Bounded, Dynamic and Unbounded forms the
  concrete types no longer include the form name; thus,
  BC.Containers.Maps declares Abstract_Map, while
  BC.Containers.Maps.Unbounded declares Map.

  The concrete Lists are now declared as plain List rather than
  Single_List, Double_List (there is no Abstract_List, perhaps there
  should be!).

  The concrete Graphs, Vertices and Arcs are now declared as plain
  Graph, Vertex and Arc (and the abstract types in BC.Graphs are
  Abstract_Graph, Abstract_Vertex, and Abstract_Arc).

Besides that,

  Maps now have the standard Container generic type Item as the range,
  and the Map generic type Key as the domain. If you are a Map user,
  you'll have to change your code's logic (as well as the type names,
  see above).

  Added generic Copy, Filter functions to BC.Containers.