> >Yes, as Wes pointed out, TopGraph'X has written X-windows 100% in Ada, and

There's also "not-all-Ada" things like TASH and Ada bindings to several
GUI libs, including Java ones.

> >a group are working on writing an OS in Ada.
> Although it is true about AdaOS, I was on their mailing list for about 6 months
> and all they did was discuss licensing! I got the impression there was nothing
> concrete to show for the efforts, so I unjoined the list. I am sure though that
> e.g. Wes would know more about this at the moment.

I joined, but I don't have time to write any code--I just offered to be a
reviewer.  The licensing discussion, as I recall, lasted four weeks.
Check the Web site for any actual progress.  Be charitable--how long do
you think volunteer part-timers will take to create a decent O.S.?  Gates
and Company have been at it for 20 years, and they only recently achieved
"decent."  How many years until "good" ?  :-)

Wes Groleau