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Welcome to a new year & welcome to a new look for Sable Advertising.
Itís Sable's Specialty Spotlight for January 2001!

What is a Specialty Spotlight?
Well, specialty a.k.a. promotional advertising is a great way to advertise your business (via name, phone number, web site, etc.) using everyday, commonly used items.
Our plan is to spotlight various items that may be useful for the month (or the following month) as well as spotlighting items we may be able to offer you at a special sale price.

Take advantage of our specialty spotlights or feel free to contact us for information on any other items you may want or need.
Also, check out our "Thought & Pole Of The Month" featured below!

**** January's Personalized Spotlights Include: ****

* CANDY JAR (Get 'em in time for Valentineís Day)

See More Details on These Items Here http://www.sableadv.com/spotlight

**** "Thought Of The Month" ****
This thought came to me as I was watching a favorite movie on cable TV.
Now we all know an hour and a half movie can turn into a three hour movie (including commercials). The thought occurred to me as I was watching the movie, I looked over (about 2 feet away from the television) and I had the video of that very movie starring me in the face.
Did I think to put the video on?....Of course not....
Why?....Because then I wouldnít be able to flip around the channels during commercials.

Do you have an amusing thought to share?
Tell us & maybe we'll use it for a "Thought Of The Month"
Send your thought to MAILTO:[log in to unmask]

**** "Pole Of The Month" ****
The pole of the month is just a playful top ten list on topics that are guaranteed to have no importance or significant meaning in anything that could change our every day life....but, what do you say we waste some time together!

**** "This Month's Topic" ****

TOP 10 FAVORITE MOVIES - Your personal favs!

My favorites (in no particular order)

Goodfellas (a masterpiece!)
A Bronx Tale
There's Something About Mary (laugh at it as much as the first time I saw it)
Donnie Brosco
Shawshank Redemption
It's A Wonderful Life
Urban Cowboy (??? donít ask me why ???)
Slap Shot
On Golden Pond (I know this movie's a drama but Henry Fonda cracks me up!)

Send your list and a good topic to pole to MAILTO:[log in to unmask]
All responses will be calculated and the top 10 favorites will be posted in next months
Specialty Spotlight....(and donít worry, we wonít have to recount the ballots)

Gary C. Belcher,
Specialty & Promotions

Sable Advertising

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