Almost immediately after I posted my "flame" and let you know about it, I
left for California.  Since then I have been away from home or involved in
"family holiday affairs", almost continuously.  Now, nearly a month later,
I am back home, no longer in holiday mode, and "getting back to work".

In the interim, I received quite a bit of feedback, most of it very
interesting and useful.

To avoid duplication, and to keep things as concise as possible, I will
attempt to respond to all the feedback in 1 or 2 relatively short
messages.  But it may take a week or so to get that done.

Thanks to each of you who took the time to reply with valuable perspective
and additional information.  Based on your participation I can
significantly improve my statement, and I could almost write a "book" on
the subject!  :)


S. Ron Oliver, semi-retired professor of Computer Science and Computer
Engineering.  www.csc.calpoly.edu/~sroliver

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