= Is there is any interest here in a separate forum for technical
= discussions of Ada compilers that target the JVM?

I'll leave that to others to decide, but...

= I have several JGNAT questions for which I've never found adequate
= answers, either on CLA or Team Ada.  I'm hoping that a small community
= (say, at Yahoo Groups, http://groups.yahoo.com) might attract enough
= readers with enough varied experiences to get some of my questions
= answered.

... if you decide a separate forum is needed, why not revitalising one
that already exists instead of creating a new one?

Years ago, when AppletMagic was just announced and Java applets became
the Next Great Thing, an attempt to start a SIGAda working group was
made, including a website at
and a mailing list at
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It might be worthwhile to check out this web_ada mailing list first, as
it appears to cover what you want...

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