Stephane Richard writes:
 > I know about 3 bindings  TCL/TK for Ada, GtkAda, and Windex.  Are they any
 > other freely available bindings that would be worth looking into but that
 > have escaped my eyes?  I've tried GtkAda, and that one seemed to give me a
 > somewhat shaky interface.  such as it was there, seemed functional and
 > everything, but just didnt give me confidence about it's reliability.  Am I
 > wrong
 > in assuming this, or have some of you actually experienced this same feeling
 > on the GtkAda binding?  if so are there special linker options or other
 > considerations that I need to know when using GtkAda?
 > Back when I first asked about this, Windex seemed to be well noted and
 > recommended highly. I've coded a bit, and indeed it does seem well
 > designed,

Ok but Windex is Windows only where GtkAda is cross platform. I've not used a
lot GtkAda but I have seen GVD (GNU Visual Debugger) entirely developed in Ada
with GtkAda and I must say that it looks nice and it is reliable. It is true
that under Windows it does not look like a "real" windows apps but I've heard
that some work was beeing done to integrate platforms look-and-feel (Mac,
Windows) into GtkAda...



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