Is there a standard "web server" for Ada apps, yet?  I ask because a server
is obviously different than a browser, and incorporating a web server into a
program would be the most funtional way to utilize a browser as the front
end.  Is this what AdaWeb does?  AdaCGI would utilize an existing web
server, I suppose, but then you depend on an existing design and
installation, like apache.  For a desktop app that may never serve the web
or LAN, in a computer that may have no scriptable servers installed,
incorporating a dedicated webserver into the backend would be necessary and
very customizable.  Is there a dynamic xml to html generator available as an
Ada program module?

> From: Bob Leif
> The best way to build a portable binding is to base it on an XML or XHTML
> GUI and use the browser as the front-end.