I felt it was time to open up a new topic.  Bob Leif, as usual, "gets one
going".  :)

 >From: Bob Leif
 >To: Ron Oliver et al.
 >The real question is what can be done to fix the process of selecting
 >software development tools? C++ and Java are only illustrations of the
 >problem. The long term solution is NOT to sell Ada; it is to sell
 >statistical process control, which in turn will sell Ada.

I'm sure most or all of us agree.

 >Engineering executives are supposed to make decisions on facts --not hype.

Now I know you are dreaming!!  "Engineering executives" can only make
decisions on the basis of what their "engineering EXPERTS" tell them.  The
problem is to get these EXPERTS to do their job.  That is quite a different

 >From: Bob Leif
 >To: Ron Oliver, Randy Brukardt et al.
 >The JVM besides being ubiquitous has one great advantage. It has been built
 >as an integrated circuit. Since these chips are really computer codes, you
 >want to enhance a JVM with new instructions to make it an excellent Ada
 >chip. A 32 bit or better yet 64 bit enhanced JVM for Ada should be a

I believe that is exactly what our friend Stephane Richard suggested, and
Randy Burkardt says already exists (or at least is close to being there.  :)

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