Although I teach at the Air Force Academy, I'm probably not the best speaker
for them.  Anyone interested?


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Subject: Workshop Ada at Brest

Dear Sir,

ENST Bretagne and the French Naval Academy is  preparing the 'workshop
on Software methods and tools for Ada 95' .  It has been scheduled the
2-6 April at Brest. You could find more information at In our planning, we have a
reserved day for military application. The last year, the french
government relate us how they uses Ada for their developpement. We would
like to extend this day to other countries such as UK, Belgium or United
States.  Do you want to present a paper during this day ? Do you know
anyone who would like to talk about Ada and Military applications ?

In advance, thanks,

PS : My apologize for my bad frenglish.

Dr Thierry HUET
Senior Searcher
French Naval Academy