> Huh? Define "mixing in". You need to be really careful, and understand
> the GPL and LGPL thoroughly, or you may be violating the license if you
> hold back your sources. Ithink the term used in GPL land is "contaminating
> your source code" if you "mix in" GPL-ed code.

OK, I'm not being clear.  Say I write some_main_program.ada, link it, and
sell it with a license that says "if you even try to reverse engineer
this, I'm coming to get you!"

Then I write another_program.ada and it calls (and of course links with) a
GPL item.  The GPL prevents me from hoarding another_program.ada but it
has no effect on some_main_program.ada.  In that sense, my "ALL" was an

But my point was neither to criticise nor defend the GPL, just to suggest
it's one of many "open source models."

Wes Groleau