On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Ian Sommerville quoted
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">With one exception, I haven't heard of any recent  books, aside from Ada
>textbooks, which use Ada as an example language (i.e. no "Numerical Recipes
>in Ada") .  At one point there was a compiler textbook that used Ada as
>well as a few data structure books, among others.  The recent exception is
>Michael Scott's excellent "Programming Language Pragmatics" published by
>Morgan Kaufmann last summer.  It gives Ada at least as much attention as
>C++, Java, Eiffel, and several other languages.  See

and he himself said:

"Thanks - I haven't seen that one."

Yesterday I was going to say something about books but after checking up
on some details at least one fundamental point was flawed. As an aside I
was going to observe that the ISBN given in the URL above is different to
the (possibly incorrect?) ISBN in this glowing review (1 55860 578 9):
(the majority -- maybe about 80% of the ACCU's membership is in the U.K.,
as is the reviewer).

Something I'd like to ask is though: since he deals with over forty
languages in the 851/880 page book, how can he give them all the same
level of attention and not treat them shallowly? (Admittedly he could
probably get about twenty pages per language.)