At 10:26 AM 1/30/01 -0500, W. Wesley Groleau x4923 wrote:
> > why on earth did you drop Ada?
> > I can no more afford to recommend your book to my students.
>OK, let me try to compensate for this piece of bad news...
>Although I can't endorse the philosophy of the project,
>I like this particular page:

I just know got around to checking it out.  GOOD PR for Ada!  I especially
like his point that any GOOD programmer can learn any language.  That ought
to send a message to those C programmers who swear Ada is just TOO HARD to

I don't fully understand the status of that page.  Is it something that
will be there for good, or is it one of those transient things that changes
whenever he finds something else he wants to write about?

(Specifically to SIGAda EC folks):

I'm thinking we ought to put a link to it, or get a copy of it, for our web
site, possibly with a little more explanation of who Julian Morrison is,
why he wrote it, etc.


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