>>>>The only thing Java added
>>>>to C++ was a little bit of (not nearly enough) error-resistance.
>>So what is the difference between a Java Interface and a C++ pure virtual
>class (apart from the C++ version being less restrictive)?

>Well, consider the following declaration:
>  public class GentleThread implements Runnable {
>    ...
>    }
>How do you say that in C++ ? I.e., what in C++ corresponds to "implements" ?

In C++, implements would simply be denoted by subclassing Runnable so you'd

class GentleThread : public Runnable {

Interfaces (and 'implements') are essentially Java's way of avoiding the
problems associated with multiple inheritance. The subtlety is that in Java you
can implement as many interfaces as you like, but you can only extend a single
class. In C++ you can extend multiple classes (and take the blame when the whole
thing blows up in your face :-)


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